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Exporting from MaxScript

Starting from release 5.15, the export functionality can be invoked directly from MaxScript to support automated batch export processes.

Calling the 'PathEngine_ExportNamedGround' is equivalent to clicking on the 'Export named ground' button, in the exporter UI.
Calling the 'PathEngine_ExportNamedChunk' is equivalent to clicking on the 'Export named chunk' button, in the exporter UI.
But each of these commands takes a single string argument to specify the destination file for export, instead of opening up a file requester dialog.

Export options are taken from the exporter UI settings.
(If the exporter UI has not yet been opened then default values are used. If the exporter UI is closed then stored most recently set values are used.)

Return code

The script commands currently always return true, regardless of the actual success or failure status of the export process.

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