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Constructs a single iMesh object by connecting multiple tiled ground pieces together at tile borders.


std::unique_ptr<iMesh> buildMeshFromGroundTiles(const iSourceTiling& tiling, const iMesh* const * meshes_Buffer, uint32_t meshes_BufferEntries, const char *const* options)


tiling An iSourceTiling object defining the position and placement of the ground tiles.
meshes_Buffer, meshes_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) Pointers to iMesh objects for local ground tiles, or null pointers for tiles which are empty.

Mesh loading options may be passed into this method, to affect the final ground mesh construction phase.

Refer to Handling Attributes for information about passing sets of named attributes.

Return Value

If the ground tiles passed in are non empty then a newly created Interface iMesh object is returned, created by connecting the ground tiles together at tile borders.
If the ground tiles are empty then a zero pointer will be returned.


This method supports tiled content processing, in the case where a single world mesh result is desired.
When using PathEngine's 'mesh federations' feature, iMeshFederation::buildTileMeshFromLocalGroundTiles() can be used instead, to build a PathEngine 'mesh federation' directly from the tiled ground pieces.

The set of meshes passed in should correspond with the set of tiles in the supplied tiling object, and these meshes should be supplied in the same order as tiles in that tiling.
(The number of meshes parameter is essentially a check value, as this must be equivalent to the tiling size.)
Zero pointers should be passed in for any tiles which are empty (i.e. for which there is no world geometry overlapping the tile region).

C# Mapping

Mesh buildMeshFromGroundTiles(SourceTiling tiling, Mesh[] meshes, string[] options);

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