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Generates an iMesh object for the specified tile in this federation, from local ground mesh tiles.


std::unique_ptr<iMesh> buildTileMeshFromLocalGroundTiles(int32_t tileIndex, const iSourceTiling& tiling, const iMesh* const * meshes_Buffer, uint32_t meshes_BufferEntries, const char *const* options) const


tileIndexThe index of the federation tile for which a mesh is being built.
tiling An iSourceTiling object defining the position and placement of ground tiles.
meshes_Buffer, meshes_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) Pointers to iMesh objects for local ground tiles, or null pointers for tiles which are empty.

A set of named attributes to control how the geometry is processed.

Some mesh loading options may be passed into this method, to affect the final ground mesh construction phase.

Refer to Handling Attributes for information about passing sets of named attributes.

Return Value

If the local ground tiles contain geometry within the represented region range for the federation tile being built then a newly created Interface iMesh object is constructed from this geometry to serve as the federation tile mesh for the federation tile with the specified index.
Otherwise, if there is no geometry in the relevant range, zero will be returned.


The set of meshes to load and pass into this method should be determined by calling iMeshFederation::getGroundTilesOverlapped(), with the same tiling object and federation tile index as used in this query.
The mesh pointers should appear in the same order as returned by that method, with zero pointers where ground tiles do not exist (because there is no geometry local to that tile).

No pointers to the mesh objects passed into this method are retained after the query completes, and these mesh objects can then be deleted safely by the calling application.

Note that the source ground tiles are in 'federation world coordinates', with the resulting mesh geometry being generated in local coordinates for the tile being generated.

C# Mapping

Mesh buildTileMeshFromLocalGroundTiles(int tileIndex, SourceTiling tiling, Mesh[] meshes, string[] options);

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