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Constructs an iMesh object by processesing geometry specified in 'face/vertex' form.


std::unique_ptr<iMesh> buildMeshFromContent(const iFaceVertexMesh* const * meshes_Buffer, uint32_t meshes_BufferEntries, const char *const* options)


meshes_Buffer, meshes_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) An array of pointers to objects derived from iFaceVertexMesh and specifying the geometry to be processed. The objects pointed to will not be deleted by PathEngine and pointers to these objects are not held after this method completes.

A set of named attributes to control how the geometry is processed.
Refer to Handling Attributes for information about passing sets of named attributes, and 2D Content Processing Options for information about the set of options that may be passed in to control geometry processing.

Note that some mesh loading options may also be passed into this method, to affect the final ground mesh construction phase.

Return Value

If the content processing completes without error then a newly created Interface iMesh object is returned.
In general PathEngine will attempt to recover from errors and return a valid mesh (e.g. by skipping failed portal connections, and so on) but in the case of some validation errors the process will fail and then a zero pointer will be returned.


Refer to 2D Content Processing for information about the PathEngine 2D content processing functionality.

When reporting bugs in the content processing, iPathEngine::save2DContentSnapshot() should be used to generate a content snapshot for reproducing the bug.

See Also

Interface iMesh, iPathEngine::loadMeshFromBuffer()

C# Mapping

Mesh buildMeshFromContent(FaceVertexMesh[] meshes, string[] options);

Java Mapping

Mesh buildMeshFromContent(FaceVertexMesh[] meshes, String[] options);

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