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A helper method for drawing unobstructed space boundary lines.


void renderObstacleSetUnobstructedSpace(const iObstacleSet& set, const iShape& shape, int32_t originX, int32_t originY, iRender3DLinesCallBack& callBack) const;


set The obstacle set for which expanded boundaries should be rendered.
shape The agent shape for which expanded boundaries should be rendered.
originX X coordinate for the rendering origin.
originY Y coordinate for the rendering origin.
callBack An instance of Interface iRender3DLinesCallBack to call back to with coordinates for line vertices.


Unobstructed space must be present (on the base mesh) for the specified agent shape.


This helper method is provided to enable you to implement visualisation of primitives within your own 3D engine.

Boundary lines are drawn to show the edges of the (expanded) unobstructed space for the specified agent shape.

See Also

iMesh::renderUnobstructedSpaceBoundaries(), iMesh::renderLineOnGround(), iMesh::renderUnsplitBoundaries(), iMesh::renderSplitBoundaries()

C# Mapping

void renderObstacleSetUnobstructedSpace(ObstacleSet set, Shape shape, int originX, int originY, Render3DLinesCallBack callBack);

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