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Helper for querying local origin of mesh, e.g. for mesh federation tiles.


void getOrigin(int32_t& x, int32_t& y) const;


x X coordinate of origin.
y Y coordinate of origin.


If you're not using the mesh federations feature and just work with one mesh at a time, the chances are that your mesh origin is at 0,0, and you don't need to use this methood.

If you _are_ using mesh federations, then geometry passed in to and returned by methods on iMesh instances are in mesh local coordinates (relative to the federation tile origin), and this method can then be used to convert between world and mesh local coordinates.

The mesh origin should correspond to the coordinates returned by iMeshFederation::getTileCentre() for the relevant federation tile.

C# Mapping

void getOrigin(out int x, out int y);

Java Mapping

void getOrigin(int_OutArgument x, int_OutArgument y);

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