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Queries the tile centre, or origin, for a specified tile in this federation.


void getTileCentre(int32_t tileIndex, int32_t& centreX, int32_t& centreY) const;


tileIndexThe index of the tile within this federation to query.
centreX The X coordinate of the tile origin.
centreY The Y coordinate of the tile origin.


The geometry for each federation tile mesh is centred on this tile origin, so this origin must be subtracted from 'federation world coordinates' in order to obtain a position on the tile, and added to tile coordinates when converting back to world coordinates.

C# Mapping

void getTileCentre(int tileIndex, out int centreX, out int centreY);

Java Mapping

void getTileCentre(int tileIndex, int_OutArgument centreX, int_OutArgument centreY);

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