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Helper function for retrieving information about off-mesh connections stored with a mesh.


void getOffMeshConnectionInfo(int32_t index, int32_t& fromEndPoint, int32_t& toEndPoint, int32_t& penalty) const;


index The index of the connection for which information is to be retrieved.
fromEndPoint The index for the source endpoint of the connection is returned in this parameter.
toEndPoint The index for the target endpoint of the connection is returned in this parameter.
penalty The penalty associated with the connection is returned in this parameter.


See Off‑Mesh Connections for an overview of the off-mesh connection functionality, and Working with Off‑Mesh Connections for information about other methods relating to this functionality.

C# Mapping

void getOffMeshConnectionInfo(int index, out int fromEndPoint, out int toEndPoint, out int penalty);

Java Mapping

void getOffMeshConnectionInfo(int index, int_OutArgument fromEndPoint, int_OutArgument toEndPoint, int_OutArgument penalty);

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