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Obtaining and running the demo

Obtaining the demo

The demo binary is included in the base SDK archive, which can be obtained from the PathEngine downloads page.

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt demo binaries are included for Windows-x86 and Windows-x64.
These prebuilt binaries use the same code as the PathEngine Testbed, and so has the same requirements.

Installing the demo

Apart from the above, the demo doesn't have any system dependencies, and does not require an explicit install step.
After unzipping the release archive, the demo is ready to run, and when you have finished with the demo (and SDK) you can simply delete the SDK directory structure from your harddrive.
(See SDK Contents and Installation.)

Running the demo

To run the demo, double click the corresponding launcher batch file in either 'SDKRoot/launchers_Windows-x86' or 'SDKRoot/launchers_Windows-x64'.
A window should appear, with a basic scene rendered in blue.
To quit the demo close this window.

Building the demo for other platforms

As with all the example projects, the demo is portable, and can also be built on other platforms, with the relevant source code packages installed (depending on certain dependancies being met for the testbed).
Refer to Building with the Python Build Scripts and Building the TestBed for Other Platforms (in the source packages documentation), for more details.

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