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SDK Contents and Installation

SDK archives

The SDK archive packages are provided by download from the downloads page on the PathEngine website.

The SDK is split into a number of separate archive packages, as follows:

In each case, the SDK version is encoded into the archive name, with 'MM' indicating the major SDK version number and 'mm' indicating the minor SDK version number.

The base package

The base package includes Windows-x86 and Windows-x64 binaries for the PathEngine Testbed together with a number of example projects that use PathEngine through the testbed interface to demonstrate various aspects of the SDK functionality and use cases.

Source code is included for the example projects, and these can be modified and rebuilt to try out SDK functionality, with the limitation that each example project can only be run under the Testbed.

This package is publically available on the PathEngine downloads page, and can be downloaded without the need to set up an SDK evaluation, but does not include binaries for linking with the SDK run-time independantly of the Testbed, or core SDK source code.

Windows-x86 and Windows-x64 binary packages

These packages add binaries for linking with the SDK run-time and 3D content processing libraries independantly, (from 32 bit or 64 bit native applications, respectively), together with some additional example projects that depend on or demonstrate direct linkage with these libraries.

Access to these packages is dependant on an active evaluation or SDK licence.

Source code and platform specific packages

Source code for building the SDK components is provided separately, dependant on full source licensing, and split into a base source code package and platform specific source code archives.

(Refer to this secion of the documentation for more information about organisation of the source code packages.)

Other downloads

Some other downloads are also provided on the downloads page, including content plugins for supported content generation platforms and a downloadable version of the SDK documentation.

Installing the SDK

To install the SDK, simply create a new directory and unzip the contents of the SDK archive into that directory.

No registry settings are required and no binaries need to be installed into system directories.

The Windows-x86 and Windows-x64 binary packages include everything in the base SDK archive, but add standalone binaries, and projects that depend on these standalone binaries.

Installing tools

Refer to more specific tool documentation with regards to installation of tools and plugins.

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