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Pinned Shape Attributes

These values are defined in SDKRoot/code/externalAPI/i_pathengine.h.

When using the Microsoft CLR interface (for C Sharp or Visual Basic), equivalent values can be found in PathEngine.Constants, without the 'PE_' prefix (e.g. PathEngine.Constants.PinnedShapeAttribute_Type).

When using the JNI interface (e.g. for Java), equivalent values can be found in com.pathengine.Constants, without the 'PE_' prefix (e.g. com.pathengine.PinnedShapeAttribute_Type).


This attribute may be set to one of the following values (also defined in i_pathengine.h):

PE_PinnedShapeType_BurntIn: Shapes with this type will be 'burnt-in' to the mesh, as with iMesh::burnContextIntoMesh(), for inclusion in the mesh based preprocess.
(Note that, in this case, the shape name has no effect.)

PE_PinnedShapeType_NamedObstacle: Shapes with this type will be added to the mesh as 'named obstacles' as with iMesh::storeNamedObstacle().

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