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Adds boundaries corresponding to the set of obstacles in a context to the mesh's base circuits.


void burnContextIntoMesh(const iCollisionContext& context);


contextA context specifying the set of obstacles to be burnt in.


This method may only be called before any preprocess has been generated on this mesh.
It may not be called after calling iMesh::preprocessGenerationCompleted().

After this call, the obstacles in context will be included for all pathfinding or collision queries made on this mesh (and should not therefore also be added as dynamic obstacles).
Calling iMesh::saveGroundEx() after calling this method will result in the burnt in obstacles being saved out with the mesh.

Only obstacles added directly to this context will be burnt in.
If you call this method for a context with obstacle sets added then a warning will be emitted, and the obstacle sets ignored.

Any surface type based cost information set for the context will also be burnt in to the mesh.

C# Mapping

void burnContextIntoMesh(CollisionContext context);

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