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Saves internal data relating to a path to persistent storage.


void savePath(iPath* path, iOutputStream& os) const;


pathThe path to be saved.
osAn output stream to save the path to.


The path must be a path that was originally generated on this mesh.


Use this method in conjunction with iMesh::loadPath() to save and load paths to and from persistent storage.

This method may be called with a null value for the path argument (i.e. a failed path), but note that in this case no data will be written to the output stream.
(This empty buffer special case will then be recognised by iMesh::loadPath() on loading and a null pointer returned.)

See Also

Interface iOutputStream, iMesh::loadPath()

C# Mapping

void savePath(Path path, OutputStream os);

Java Mapping

void savePath(Path path, OutputStream os);

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