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Loads internal data relating to a path from persistent storage.


std::unique_ptr<iPath> loadPath(char const * data_Buffer, uint32_t data_BufferEntries) const


data_Buffer, data_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) The data buffer to load from.


The ground mesh and base circuits must be identical to the mesh on which the was originally generated.

Return Value

The loaded path.


Use this method in conjunction with iMesh::savePath() to save and load paths to and from persistent storage.

The buffer passed in must contain data previously saved out by iMesh::savePath().

Note that an empty buffer can result from calling iMesh::savePath() with a null pointer.
loadPath() recognises this special case and returns a null pointer.

C# Mapping

Path loadPath(byte[] data);

Java Mapping

Path loadPath(byte[] data);

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