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Provides the height for a position on the surface of this ground mesh as a float, taking account of the precision components of the position supplied.


float heightAtPositionWithPrecision(const cPosition& position, float precisionX, float precisionY) const;


position This must be a valid cPosition on this mesh.
precisionX Precision component to be added to the x coordinate of the position.
precisionY Precision component to be added to the y coordinate of the position.

Return Value

The height at the specified position.


Refer to PathEngine Coordinates for more details about the pathengine coordinate system.

See Converting to and from PathEngine's Position Representation for an overview of all the position conversion methods.

See Also


C# Mapping

float heightAtPositionWithPrecision(PathEngine.Position position, float precisionX, float precisionY);

Java Mapping

float heightAtPositionWithPrecision(Position position, float precisionX, float precisionY);

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