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Loads connected region preprocess from persistent storage.


void loadConnectedRegionPreprocessFor(const iShape& shape, char const * data_Buffer, uint32_t data_BufferEntries);


shape The shape for which preprocess should be loaded.
data_Buffer, data_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) The data buffer to load from.


The shape must be identical to the shape for which the preprocess was originally saved.

Unobstructed space data must be present for this shape, and identical to the unobstructed space data against which the preprocess was originally generated.

Connected region preprocess must not already be present for this shape on this mesh.


The buffer passed in must contain data previously saved out by iMesh::saveConnectedRegionPreprocessFor().

This method can be called where you would previously have called iMesh::generateConnectedRegionPreprocessFor(), to save time generating preprocess.

The structure of PathEngine's connected region preproces may be changed between releases.
iPathEngine::connectedRegionPreprocessVersionIsCompatible() can be used to check whether preprocess saved out of an older release can be loaded into the current release.

C# Mapping

void loadConnectedRegionPreprocessFor(Shape shape, byte[] data);

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