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Used to obtain information about a face.


int32_t faceAttribute(int32_t face, int32_t attributeIndex) const;


face The (zero-based) index of the face being queried. Must be greater than or equal to zero, and less than the value returned by faces().
attributeIndex An index to specify the attribute being queried. See Face Attributes for a list of values that can be specified for this parameter, and 2D Content Processing Options for information about how these attributes affect content processing.

Return Value

-1 indicates that the queried attribute is undefined for the specified face. Otherwise the value of the queried attribute on the specified face is returned.

For boolean attributes 0 is used to indicate false, and 1 to indicate true.


Use vertexIndex() to obtain unique vertex indices for vertices in a face.

C# Mapping

int faceAttribute(int face, int attributeIndex);

Java Mapping

int faceAttribute(int face, int attributeIndex);

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