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Build Setup

Two different build setups are provided with the PathEngine source.

On platforms where building from Visual Studio is supported, suitable Visual Studio project and configuration files are supplied.

For other platforms, a set of python build scripts is supplied.

Setting up a build from scratch, or for another build environment

In addition to building from the supplied build setup, it should also be relatively easy to get a build set up from scratch based only on the set of source files for each project, which can be found in 'SDKRoot/projectObjectList' (these are text files used by the python build scripts).

PathEngine's build requirements with regards to things like include directories and preprocessor defines are then intentionally very minimal.

Refer to Preprocessor Defines for information about the set of preprocessor defines used with PathEngine, and Include Directories for information about the set of include directory settings required for compilation and include directory order.

Minimise manual work when updating to new releases

While it can be useful to customise the exact build, it is also important to minimise the amount of manual work required each time you update to a new release of PathEngine.
One way to do this is to use scripts to automate construction of the desired configuration files directly from the set of objects in each project, as opposed to doing this by hand.

Checking issues against the default build, and prebuilt binaries

When issues are encountered against a modified build (or modified source code), it's important to check if the same issues also occurs against the default build, or against the prebuilt binary for the same release, to eliminate the possibility of the issues being caused by local modifications.

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