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Obstacle Set Creation Attributes

In addition to the following options, Unobstructed Space Generation Attributes will also be passed through and applied to the preprocess generation step, in the case of obstacle sets that are marked for preprocessing.


This option may be set to either 'true' or 'false', and defaults to 'false'.

If set to 'true' then full pathfinding preprocess will be generated and cached with the obstacle set.
(Refer to Obstacle Management for details.)


This option may be set to either 'true' or 'false', and defaults to 'false'.

When set to true, the obstacle set will emit a warning if any agents in the set are modified in a way that effects the pathfinding preprocess, or are removed from the set implicitly on agent deletion.

(This is used by the cDoubleBufferedObstacleSet class in the semi dynamic obstacles example project, to check that agent changes don't interfere with the semantics of the double buffered obstacle set.)

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