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Anchor Attributes

These values are defined in SDKRoot/code/externalAPI/i_pathengine.h.

When using the Microsoft CLR interface (for C Sharp or Visual Basic), equivalent values can be found in PathEngine.Constants, without the 'PE_' prefix (e.g. PathEngine.Constants.AnchorAttribute_ResolvesToTerrain).

When using the JNI interface (e.g. for Java), equivalent values can be found in com.pathengine.Constants, without the 'PE_' prefix (e.g. com.pathengine.AnchorAttribute_ResolvesToTerrain).


This attribute can be used to force anchors to resolve directly against the terrain.

When this attribute is set to 1 the anchor's z extents will be ignored, and the anchor will instead be resolved against faces with sectionID == 0 (by convention, the first 'terrain layer').

For standard anchor resolution (based on intersection of the ground within the z extents) this attribute should be set to 0.

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