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Returns an index for the connected region at a given position. This can be used to quickly determine the reachability between positions.


int32_t getConnectedRegionFor(const iShape& shape, const cPosition& p) const;


shape The agent shape for which connected region preprocess should be queried.
p The position to test.


Requires that this obstacle set has been marked for preprocessing, with connected region queries support.

See Obstacle Management for details about setting up preprocessed obstacle sets.

Return Value

An index value for the connected region at the given position.


A position is reachable from another position if both positions are unobstructed and this query returns the same connected region indices for both positions.

If called with an obstructed position, this method will return -1.

This method enables you to query against the set of 'semi-dynamic' obstacles in a 'preprocessed obstacle set', in addition to static geometry.
For queries against just the static geometry on this mesh (i.e. external edges and burnt in obstacles), use iMesh::getConnectedRegionFor().

See Also


C# Mapping

int getConnectedRegionFor(Shape shape, PathEngine.Position p);

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