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This method is called by PathEngine to pass meshes generated during the process of building a mesh federation back to the calling application.


void tileGenerated(int32_t tileIndex, iMesh* tileMesh);


tileIndex The index within the federation for the generated mesh.
tileMesh The mesh for a tile in the federation for which generation is complete. Ownership of this mesh is passed directly to the calling application. The federation build process and the resulting mesh federation do not retain a pointer to this mesh.


The callback object has essentially two possibilities.

The first possibility is for the callback to save out and then immediately delete the tile mesh.
This avoids all mesh tiles having to be retained in memory at the same time.
Assuming the mesh tiles are being generating at content-time, this will usually make the most sense.

If memory is not an issue (and in the case where mesh tiles are being generated at setup time) it is also possible for the callback object to keep hold of the pointers to the generated mesh tiles and to pass these pointers through directly to the application run-time.

C# Mapping

void tileGenerated(int tileIndex, Mesh tileMesh);

Java Mapping

void tileGenerated(int tileIndex, Mesh tileMesh);

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