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Queries the 'represented region' for a specified tile in this federation.


void getRepresentedRegion_Local(int32_t tileIndex, cHorizontalRange& result) const;


tileIndexThe index of the tile within this federation to query.
result Returns the minimum and maximum bounds of the tile's represented region, in X and Y.


The returned region is expressed in tile local coordinates.
Use iMeshFederation::getRepresentedRegion_World() if you want the region in federation world coordinates.

The region bounds are inclusive, i.e. the represented region includes points exactly at minimum or maximum values in X and Y.

The represented region for a tile is the horizontal range within which that tile's mesh guarantees to represent geometry.
This region overlaps the handled regions of adjacent tiles to enable seamless pathfinding across tile borders.

C# Mapping

void getRepresentedRegion_Local(int tileIndex, out PathEngine.HorizontalRange result);

Java Mapping

void getRepresentedRegion_Local(int tileIndex, Object_OutArgument result);

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