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Generates convex hulls for a set of solid objects defined by point sets (for visualisation purposes).


void buildHullMeshesForVisualisation(const iSolidObjects& solidObjects, iFaceVertexBuilder& builder) const;


solidObjects Pointer to an object derived from the iSolidObjects interface class, to encapsulate a set of convex solid objects in the form of a series of 'point clouds'.
The 3D content processing will generate a convex hull for each of these point clouds, and treat the contained volume as an obstructed solid.
Refer to Input Representation for more information about this solid objects representation.
builder PathEngine will call through to this object to build a face vertex mesh for the hulls.


Note that this method is provided just for visualisation of solid objects.
It's much more efficient for PathEngine to work with the solid object representation directly, and so the resulting mesh should not be used as a 3D content processing parameter!

C# Mapping

void buildHullMeshesForVisualisation(SolidObjects solidObjects, FaceVertexBuilder builder);

Java Mapping

void buildHullMeshesForVisualisation(SolidObjects solidObjects, FaceVertexBuilder builder);

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