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Interface iContentChunkInstance


Lightweight API object for working with content chunk geometry instantiated at a given position and orientation.

Refer to 2D Content Processing for information about PathEngine's content processing functionality.

This interface is defined in SDKRoot/code/externalAPI/i_pathengine.h.

Construction and Deletion

iContentChunkInstance objects can be constructed with the instantate methods on Interface iContentChunk. iContentChunkInstance objects can be released explicitly by calling delete on the pointer or by calling the object's release() function.



Adds the set of anchors and shapes associated with this content chunk instance to the specified mesh.


Increments the internal reference count for this API object.


Used to build a transformed iFaceVertexMesh corresponding to the ground part (if any) of this content chunk instance.


Used to check whether edge pieces can actually be connected, before actually calling iContentChunkInstance::makeEdgeConnection() for the connection.


Used to query the number of connecting edges marked up in the instanced chunk's ground geometry.


A helper function to obtain the content chunk for which this is an instance.


Queries the horizontal range covered by the instanced geometry.


Enables you to check whether there are any outstanding references on this object, other than the interface reference through which you are calling, and therefore whether this object will actually be deleted if you call it's release method.


Used to explicitly setup bridging geometry between edge to edge connection markers.
This can be useful where it is desirable for a custom editor to explicitly manage these edge to edge connections, and is required when calling iMeshFederation::buildTileMeshFromContent().


Used to query the number of connecting edges marked up in the instanced chunk's ground geometry.


Releases the API object pointer.

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