The meshes used

'mesh1' - a basic mesh demonstrating some overlapping geometry

'flatshead_dungeon' - a reasonably complex mesh with low visibility

'thainesford' - a walled town with buildings and detail objects
The area surrounding the town is also represented and contains a lot of trees and rocks.
There is a lot of visibility between objects on this mesh, making it a very good test for a points-of-visibility solution.

Unobstructed space optimisation

The 'thainesford (optimised)' benchmark points use the 'thainesford' mesh with the unobstructed space optimisation feature turned on. (See this page, in the online documentation, for more information about the unobstructed space optimisation feature.)


The benchmark results for these environments can be found on Results (on the subnav bar).

Number of paths benchmarked

Note that the screenshots don't show all of the paths benchmarked.
(The benchmarks actually test all combinations of paths between 60 randomly generated positions.)

Tiled pathfinding

The 'thainesford' mesh is a 'pathfinder tile' taken from 'Wish' by Mutable Realms.
The 'tiled pathfinders' technique enables seamless pathfinding over worlds of effectively unlimited size.