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Running on Windows

A prebuilt query logging dll is provided with the SDK binary archives, at: 'SDKRoot/build/Win32/Release/dll/QueryLoggingWrapper.dll' (for x86 builds) or 'SDKRoot/build/x64/Release/dll/QueryLoggingWrapper.dll' (for 64 bit native builds).
Source code for this dll is included in the source archives, in the 'QueryLoggingWrapper' dll project.

Running with query logging

To run with query logging you can either specifically load the query logging wrapper from within your application, or, alternatively (to avoid rebuilding your application), you can rename and replace the main dll with the query logging wrapper.

The query logging wrapper provides the same entrypoint as the main dll. When loaded, the query logging wrapper then internally loads the main dll.
To support both methods of running with query logging, the wrapper first attempts to load 'PathEngine_renamed.dll'. If this fails the wrapper then attempts to load 'PathEngine.dll'.

When loading the query logging wrapper explicitly, therefore, it is important to ensure that 'PathEngine_renamed.dll' is not found, and that 'PathEngine.dll' is found.
Refer to the MSDN documentation of LoadLibrary() for details about the dll search path.
For simplicity it's recommended to place both the main dll and the wrapper dll in the same directory as the calling application.

When using the rename and replace method, simply rename the main dll to 'PathEngine_renamed.dll' and the query logging wrapper to 'PathEngine.dll'.
Don't forget to rename these files back when you've finished logging!

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