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Downloading the plugin

The plugin is available from the PathEngine downloads page, with a file name of the form groundExport_Maya_MM_mm.mll, or groundExport_Maya_MM_mm_ii.mll, where MM indicates major release number, mm indicates minor release number, and ii indicates internal release, if this is non-zero.


To install the exporter plugin simply put the appropriate downloaded .mll file into your Maya plugins directory.
The exact location of this directory will depend on where Maya is installed on your hard drive.
For a standard install into 'C:\Program Files', the plugins directory will be 'C:\Program Files\Maya\bin\plug-ins'.

To load the plugin, use the Maya plugin manager, which can be found through Windows Menu -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manager.
The plugin should appear in the list, by file name.

(If the plugin does not appear on this list, ensure the plugin .mll has been placed in the correct directory and then click 'refresh'.)

To load the plugin, click the 'loaded' checkbox.
If you want the plugin to load automatically each time Maya starts then click the 'auto load' checkbox, also.

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