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Tile-by-tile Construction with the 3D Process

Federation construction from 3D source content data is based on the 'tiled 3D content processing' setup.
(Refer to Tiled 3D Content Processing for details.)
Federation tile meshes are then built from an iSourceTiling object to describe the tiling being used, together with a set of ground pieces generated for this tiling.

The process of constructing each federation tile mesh is then essentially as follows:

'Source tiling' and 'Mesh federation tiling' parameters are independant

It's important to note that the parameters used for construction of the iSourceTiling object in the initial stage of this process (tiled 3D content processing) can be set completely independantly from the parameters used for construction of the iMeshFederation object later on.

Each of these tilings can therefore be tweaked independantly according to the constraints of each part of the process. (So with a source tiling chosen purely to optimise per-source-tile content processing complexity, and a mesh federation tiling chosen to optimise per-federation-tile pathfinding complexity and maximum guaranteed query distance.)

Example code

The 'MeshFederation' example project includes a code path for construction from 3D content processing tiled ground result pieces, but you need to comment in the relevant call in the example source code to see this in action.
Refer to the project documentation for more details.

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