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Linking with the 3D Content Processing

The 3D content processing functionality is not included in the stand alone run-time PathEngine dll.
To access this functionality you need to either link directly against PathEngine as a set of static libraries, or load the separate 3D content processing dll.

Dll linkage

Dll linkage against the 3D content processing is possible, with a separate dll being provided for this purpose, linked to provide 3D content processing functionality in addition to the standard PathEngine run-time.

The process of linking against this dll is then very similar to the process of linking against the main PathEngine dll, (refer to Linking with the PathEngine DLL for details about this process), but with DLLExport_CreateIContentProcessing3D called in the place of DLLExport_CreateIPathEngine, and with the iContentProcessing3D interface then available in addition to the main iPathEngine root interface.

The 'Run3DContentProcessing' example project provides a minimal working example of dll linkage with the 3D content processing dll to run 3D processing on a very basic 3d environment.

Static linkage

Static linkage with the 3D content processing requires access to source code packages.

Refer to this page for details about static linkage against PathEngine, in general.

To use the 3D content processing, you will need to link against the 'Content Processing 3D' library, in addition to the core PathEngine libs.

After you have initialised the root interface (with PathEngine_InitialiseAndObtainRootInterface) you can then call PathEngine_InitialiseCP3DAndObtainInterface to perform 3D content specific initialisation and obtain a pointer to the 3D processing interface.

Platform support

The 3D content processing is currently supported on Windows-x86, Windows-x64, and Linux/FreeBSD-x64 platforms ('PC', 'x64' and 'GCCx64' platform codes).

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