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Building from Physics Scene Data

In many cases, where 3D physics is being used, a set of 3D shapes will already have been set up for this purpose, and this existing 3D geometry can then potientally also be used as source data for PathEngine 3D content processing.

Some example code for this purpose can be found in 'SDKRoot/samples/Code Snippets/Building from Physics Scene Data'.

Supported SDKs

The example code is currently set up with source code for querying against both Havok and PhysX.
(Delete files as appropriate, i.e. when querying against Havok delete all files with 'PhysX' in the name, and vice versa.)


'ExampleBuildFromHavok.cpp' and 'ExampleBuildFromPhysics.cpp' show how the example code might be called from your content application. (This code is not intended to be used as is, in your application.)
The scale and coordinate mapping parameters should be adjusted as necessary for content setup.
The code shows how to change the way coordinate systems are mapped between PathEngine and physics scene, in case this is required.


The example code supports most, but not all, shape types.

The code has been tested against the relevant SDKs, but there is no synchronisation between SDK versions, and the code may not compile correctly against different versions of the target SDKs.
(But the code is straightforward, and should be easy to update to work around any minor API changes.)

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