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Parameter Type Mappings

Value types

Where possible, C++ built-in types in the native API are mapped directly to Java value types. One exception is the uint32_t native type, which maps to the 64 bit Java long value type, in the absence of a direct unsigned value type mapping.


Array parameters in the native API are simplified in the Java mapping, and can be passed directly as Java arrays of the relevant type (in place of buffer pointer and buffer size argument pairs in the native API).

Interface pointers

Interface and callback pointers map directly to Java object references of the corresponding Java class type.

Out arguments

Because Java does not support out arguments, these are emulated with special classes with the '_OutArgument' suffix included in the com.pathengine package. When calling a method with out arguments you need to create one of these out argument classes to hold the result of the relevant out parameter. Examples of this are included in the Java example code.

API reference

The exact Java mapping for each API method can be found in the API reference section.

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