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Naming Conventions

The PathEngine Java API is located in the com.pathengine package in the Java namespace hierarchy, with some example classes also provided in the com.pathengine.example package.

Class names

To match common Java coding conventions the lower case initial letter prefix present in class names in the native C++ interface is removed in the Java interface mapping.

So the native iPathEngine class maps to com.pathengine.PathEngine, iMesh maps to com.pathengine.Mesh, iShape maps to com.pathengine.Shape, iErrorHandler maps to com.pathengine.ErrorHandler, and so on.

And the same applied to the POD classes provided by the C++ interface, so the native cPosition class maps to com.pathengine.Position, and cHorizontalRange maps to com.pathengine.HorizontalRange.


Constant values provided by the C++ interface, such as PE_FaceAttribute_SurfaceType, are provided by a special Constants class, and lose the 'PE_' prefix, so PE_FaceAttribute_SurfaceType maps to com.pathengine.Constants.FaceAttribute_SurfaceType.

The interface version numbers are also then included in this constants class, PATHENGINE_INTERFACE_MAJOR_VERSION becomes com.pathengine.InterfaceMajorVersion and PATHENGINE_INTERFACE_MINOR_VERSION becomes com.pathengine.InterfaceMinorVersion

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