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Purpose and approach

The purpose of the demo is to provide an example group movement implementation that avoids interpenetration between agents in most situations whilst keeping the code involved very simple, and whilst avoiding some tricky blocking and continuity issues that can arise from systems based on a 'hard' collision constraint.

The approach taken is then essentially to start off with a base movement architecture where agents _can_ intersect one another, and then to add behaviours into this base architecture to avoid the most visually obvious cases of interpenetration as far as possible (as opposed to starting off with a hard collision constraint and attempting to 'solve' this constraint).

Functionality overview

The demo starts with a number of agents placed in an environment.
The agents can be selected into a current selection set, and movement orders dispatched.

Multiple waypoint movement orders are possible, with groups remembering and looping through the waypoints in this case (to enable situations with interactions between groups to be set up and tested more easily).

Groups with persistent movement orders are assigned colours, to make it clear which agents belong to each of these groups.

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