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Links with the standalone PathEngine dll and runs a simple test across the interface.

Note that this example requires the stand-alone PathEngine dll, and is not included in the base 'testbed only' package.

Linking with the SDK explains the linkage in more detail.

The path to the PathEngine dll to load is taken from the command line arguments, with separate arguments for path, base dll file name, and dll extension. (This was added essentially for the purposes of porting the example code to Linux.)
The launcher script for this example passes in the relevant path and extension, for each platform. These launchers are very minimal, however, and so you can check the launcher script for the desired platform, to see exactly what is passed passed in.

For loading PathEngine from a client application, you will most likely want to just replace this with a single path to the relevant PathEngine dll.

On running the project you should simply get the message: "Simple test completed successfully."

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