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In addition to the following demo specific controls, the demo also inherits the camera controls of the PathEngine testbed.
Refer to this page, for information about these camera controls.

Changing the selection set

Press left mouse button, hold, drag, and release, to modify the selection set.

  • Left mouse only - Create a new selection set containing the agents inside the dragged bounding box.
  • Shift + Left mouse - Agents inside the dragged bounding box are added to the current selection.
  • 'T' + Left mouse - Selection status is toggled for agents inside the dragged bounding box.
  • Issuing a movement order

    Point at the desired goal position and click the right mouse button to issue a movement order to the current selection set.

    Corridor position visualisation

    You can visualise the set of 'corridor positions' for a given path by pressing 'S' to set the start of the visualisation path and 'E' for the end of the visualisation path.

    Pause and single step advance

    Pressing 'P' pauses (or unpauses) the action. Pressing 'A' when paused then advances one single update step at a time.

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