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Building in Visual Studio

Finding Visual Studio project and solution files

Visual studio project files are provided for the following platforms (by platform code, see Source Code Packages):

Project files for Visual Studio 2017 are located under the 'SDKRoot/VisualStudio2017' directory. Project files for Visual Studio 2019 are located under the 'SDKRoot/VisualStudio2019' directory. In each case, there are subdirectories corresponding to the relevant platform code.

(So, for example, the Visual Studio 2017 project files for the 'PC' platform are located under 'SDKRoot/VisualStudio2017/PC'.)

Additional build requirements for ground export plugins and for the TestBed

Before building the ground export plugins or the testbed, it will be necessary to add search paths for required SDK include and library files.

(For the TestBed, paths to a DirectX SDK installation, for 3DS Max plugins, paths to a 3DS Max SDK installation, and so on.)

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