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Build Directories and Naming

Build directory

The build scripts are set up to store intermediate files generated during the build, and some build targets, under the 'SDKRoot/build' directory.

This will be generated during the build if not present, and can therefore be deleted as one way of forcing a full rebuild.

Files are then organised underneath this build directory into subdirectories based on the platform and configuration being built.

When building with Visual Studio, the build subdirectory is defined as 'SDKRoot\build\$(PlatformName)\$(ConfigurationName)\', i.e. with platform identifiers based on Visual Studio settings.

When building with the python build scripts, the subdirectory is generated in essentially the same way, but with PathEngine platform codes.

Build target location

Build targets go into a subdirectory based on project type, e.g. 'lib' for a static lib, 'dll' for a DLL, with other project types including 'consoleExe', 'dxExe', 'maxPlugin' and 'mayaPlugin'.

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