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Issues with Importing

The import functionality provided by the content plugins can be a very useful tool for troubleshooting and visualisation, and can also be useful as an example of how to setup markup within content applications, but it's important to be aware that the process of importing and re-exporting a scene does not guarantee to perfectly replicate the information in the original file.
(And, of course, exporting and re-importing certainly doesn't replicate the original scene within a content application.)

It is essential, therefore, to always keep hold of the content application source representation for each scene exported.
This also enables the scene to be re-exported in the case where major changes need to be made to PathEngine's file formats between versions of the PathEngine SDK.

Issues with coordinate precision

Limitations on precision for coordinate representation within content platforms mean that it's possible for geometry to be shifted slightly on import.

Importing anchors

When the content-side anchor representation is resolved to a position on the mesh the vertical extents of the original content-side representation are discarded (because the run-time position representation doesn't require these vertical extents for unambiguous position representation.)

So when content-side anchor representations are rebuilt, on ground mesh import, anchor vertical extents must be added.
These are then setup from an 'anchor height' option, which can be setup through the content plugin UI.

But this can potentially result in anchors that intersect more than one layer of overlapping geometry, which will therefore fail to resolve on re-export.

In practice this can generally be avoided by choosing a suitable value for 'anchor height'.
Since agents need to walk between overlapping layers, choosing something like a half or a third of agent height should generally avoid any issues.

Limitations on import

Check the content-platform specific tools documentations, also, for any specific limitations to the information that can be imported on a given platform.

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