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Prints a horizontal line of text at a y position that is incremented with each call in a given frame.


void printTextLine(int32_t x, const char* text);


x x coordinate to place the text.
text A C string containing the text to be printed. This may safely be deleted after the method returns.


(Not supported during additive blending phase.)

A y coordinate is maintained internally by the testbed, incremented each time this method is called, and reset when the frame is completed.

The x coordinate passed in, together with the internal y coordinate, places the bottom left of the first character printed. This coordinate is relative to an origin at the bottom left of the testbed window.

The text is printed with a fixed width font, and with the current colour against a black background.

See Also

iTestBed::setColour(), iTestBed::setColourRGB()
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