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Turns on additive blending rendering.


void enterAdditiveBlendingPhase();


Tells the testbed to enter additive blending mode (if not already entered).


There can be just one transition to additive blending mode in each rendering frame (i.e. between calls to iTestBed::update()).
Once the testbed has entered additive blending mode all primitives rendered during the remainder of the rendering frame will then be rendered using this rendering mode.

The alpha value to be applied for additive blending can be set with iTestBed::setAdditiveBlendingAlpha().
You can can use iTestBed::isInAdditiveBlendingPhase() to check if the testbed is currently in the additive blending phase.

It is not possible to switch back to normal rendering before the end of the rendering frame (i.e. before the next call to iTestBed::update()).
After the next update the testbed will automatically switch back to normal rendering for the next frame.

Note that text and splash screen display calls are not supported during the additive blending phase.

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