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Draws the edge of the expanded region for a specified agent with a specified shape.


void drawAgentExpansion(iAgent* agent, const iShape* expandedby);


agent The agent to draw an expanded region for. This must be an agent placed on the current mesh.
expandedby The shape to expand by.


The boundaries of the region are drawn in lines on the surface of the current mesh, in the testbed's current colour.

Note that, after SDK release 5.29, the testbed no longer caches geometry and GPU resources associated with this method for reuse by subsequent calls, which can make this method significantly slower.

If expansions need to be drawn for a lot of agents, and rendering time is an issue, then consider using iTestBed::startGeneratingPreprocess() and iTestBed::finishGeneratingPreprocess() to record a calls to this method for faster rendering.

See Also

iTestBed::setColour(), iTestBed::setColourRGB()
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