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Queries the horizontal range of an individual tile in this tiling, as a string.


const char* getTileRangeAsString(int32_t tileIndex) const;


tileIndexThe index of the tile being queried.

Return Value

Pointer to a C string with the horizontal extents of the queried tile, formatted as an attribute value string.
The memory for this string is managed internally by PathEngine (see remarks below) and should not be deleted or overwritten by the client application.


The returned string is formatted as "minX,minY,maxX,maxY", and is intended to be passed in as the value of the 'clipToTile' option of PathEngine's 3D content processing for tiled processing.

Refer to Tiled 3D Content Processing for a detailed explanation of the tiled 3D content processing setup.

The buffer for the returned string is owned by the tiling object being queried.
This memory will be invalidated the next time this method is called, or if the owning tiling object is released.

See Also


C# Mapping

string getTileRangeAsString(int tileIndex);

Java Mapping

String getTileRangeAsString(int tileIndex);

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