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Queries the horizontal range to use when filtering source elements for tile by tile 3D content processing.


void getTileFilterRange(int32_t tileIndex, cHorizontalRange& result) const;


tileIndexThe index of the tile being queried.
result Slightly expanded horizontal extents of the queried tile.


This method returns a slightly expanded range to be applied when determining which source content elements should be included for tiled 3D content processing.
Use iSourceTiling::getTileRange() if you need to obtain the actual range covered by the tile.

This version is for use with BSP based 3D processing. If you are using the voxel based 3D processing method then iSourceTiling::getTileFilterRange_Voxels() should be used to determine an appropriate filter range, based on voxel size.

Refer to Tiled 3D Content Processing for a detailed explanation of the tiled 3D content processing setup.

C# Mapping

void getTileFilterRange(int tileIndex, out PathEngine.HorizontalRange result);

Java Mapping

void getTileFilterRange(int tileIndex, Object_OutArgument result);

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