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Controls PathEngine's path caching mechanism.


void setPathPoolParameters(int32_t pathsPooled, int32_t pointsPerPath);


pathsPooled The size of the path pool.
pointsPerPath The number of points to reserve space for per path.


The path pool is designed to make it possible to avoid any dynamic allocations for paths taking place during normal usage.
This method provides control over the parameters of the pool.

As long as no more than paths_pooled paths are in use at any one time and as long as none of those paths are longer than points_per_path, no memory allocations for paths will be made.

The default settings are 40 paths and 40 points per path.

C# Mapping

void setPathPoolParameters(int pathsPooled, int pointsPerPath);

Java Mapping

void setPathPoolParameters(int pathsPooled, int pointsPerPath);

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