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(Depreciated in favour of iPathEngine::save2DContentSnapshot())
Provided for generating snapshots of the source content when reporting bugs in the content processing functionality.


void saveContentData(const iFaceVertexMesh* const * meshes_Buffer, uint32_t meshes_BufferEntries, const char* format, iOutputStream& os);


meshes_Buffer, meshes_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) An array of pointers to objects derived from iFaceVertexMesh and specifying the geometry to be processed. The objects pointed to will not be deleted by PathEngine and pointers to these objects are not held after this method completes.
format A C string specifying the format in which data should be output. Currently this can be "xml" or "tok" (lower case).
This format string is not retained after the call and can subsequently be safely deleted.
os The content snapshot will be saved to this output stream.


This method is depreciated in favour of iPathEngine::save2DContentSnapshot(), which also saves out any content processing options.

C# Mapping

void saveContentData(FaceVertexMesh[] meshes, string format, OutputStream os);

Java Mapping

void saveContentData(FaceVertexMesh[] meshes, String format, OutputStream os);

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