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Constructs an iMesh object from a data buffer containing a 3d ground mesh.


std::unique_ptr<iMesh> loadMeshFromBuffer(const char* format, char const * data_Buffer, uint32_t data_BufferEntries, const char *const* options)


format A C string specifying the format of the data in the buffer. Currently this can be "xml" or "tok" (lower case).
This format string is not retained after the call and can subsequently be safely deleted.
data_Buffer, data_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) The data buffer to load from.
options A set of attribute and value pairs that can be used to control some aspects of the mesh loading process.

Return Value

If the data passed in is valid then a newly created Interface iMesh object is returned.
Otherwise non-fatal errors will be reported relating to the validation failure and zero will be returned.


Refer to Mesh Loading Options for a list of options that can be passed in to this method.

"xml" indicates that the buffer should be parsed as XML.
See XML Ground Meshes for details about the XML mesh format.

"tok" indicates that the buffer should be treated as tokenised XML.
Tokenised XML represents the same structure as XML but results in a smaller file size. See Tokenised XML for details.

See Also

Interface iMesh, iPathEngine::loadMeshFromBuffer()

C# Mapping

Mesh loadMeshFromBuffer(string format, byte[] data, string[] options);

Java Mapping

Mesh loadMeshFromBuffer(String format, byte[] data, String[] options);

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