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A helper method for restoring face/vertex mesh data from persistence.


void loadFaceVertexMesh(const char* format, char const * data_Buffer, uint32_t data_BufferEntries, iFaceVertexBuilder& faceVertexBuilder);


format A C string specifying the format of the data in the buffer. Currently this can be "xml" or "tok" (lower case).
This format string is not retained after the call and can subsequently be safely deleted.
data_Buffer, data_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) The data buffer to load from.
faceVertexBuilder PathEngine will call through to this object to build the face vertex mesh result.

C# Mapping

void loadFaceVertexMesh(string format, byte[] data, FaceVertexBuilder faceVertexBuilder);

Java Mapping

void loadFaceVertexMesh(String format, byte[] data, FaceVertexBuilder faceVertexBuilder);

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