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Obtains a set of attributes for the object that provides this interface.


const char *const* getVersionAttributes() const;

Return Value

Returns a pointer to an array of C strings, corresponding to a set of name, attribute pairs.
The memory for these attributes is owned by PathEngine, and must not be deleted.
Handling Attributes explains the structure of the returned attributes, and gives example code for parsing them.


This method will normally be available, and have identical linkage in each PathEngine release.

The "release" and "minor_release" attributes uniquely identify a release.

See Version Attributes for details about the attributes returned by this method.

See Interface Version Numbers for details about the versioning system used in the PathEngine SDK.

See Also

iPathEngine::getInterfaceMajorVersion(), iPathEngine::getInterfaceMinorVersion()

C# Mapping

string[] getVersionAttributes();

Java Mapping

String[] getVersionAttributes();

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