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Returns a newly created Interface iSourceTiling object that can be used to perform 'tile-by-tile' content processing.


std::unique_ptr<iSourceTiling> buildRegularSourceTiling_RoundUpForVoxels(const cHorizontalRange& worldRange, int32_t tileSize, int32_t voxelSize)


worldRange The minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates for world geometry covered by the tiling.
This range must be non-empty, i.e. the maximum values for each coordinate must be greater than the corresponding minimum values.
tileSize The horizontal size of each tile.
Must be greater than zero.
voxelSize The horizontal size of each voxel.
Must be greater than zero.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iSourceTiling object, to encapsulate the tiling specified.


tileSize will be rounded up to a multiple of the specified voxel size, and then the world range increased as necessary to ensure that the last tile in each direction is also a multiple of this voxel size.

C# Mapping

SourceTiling buildRegularSourceTiling_RoundUpForVoxels(PathEngine.HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileSize, int voxelSize);

Java Mapping

SourceTiling buildRegularSourceTiling_RoundUpForVoxels(HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileSize, int voxelSize);

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